Testing Round 2: Complete!

Hello Puzzle People!

2021 has been productive and we'd like to share some of what we've been up to! Firstly, we've been putting our test subjects through another round of level testing, this time focusing on the more difficult levels from deep in Puzzle Depot's story mode. At this point we have 9 massive levels that can be called "complete", representing the bulk of the campaign. It feels pretty great to be putting finishing touches on things and we're gonna keep the momentum going!

The itch.io page has been given a fresh coat of paint, complete with some fresh gifs showing off some content beyond what's available in the demo. Here's a couple more teasers to check out from further in the campaign:

Discover new hazards and creatures beyond the familiar Storage Bay Alpha!

Things are heating up for the helpful robot R0L0 in the Depot's gargantuan refinery.

Todd, Stella, and R0L0 engage in some banter while delving into the Depot. Check out our new fancy textboxes!

A crimson-cloaked survivor explores the rainy streets of these city ruins.

Sprocket the lab-rat tangles with roaches in the dreaded Mad Science Lab.

What comes next? We'll be working on finishing the last bits of the campaign, as well as some bonus backer content, and of course the [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS]. We're especially excited about that last one.

We've got a productive summer ahead of us, so stay tuned for more updates!

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