Small update to Demo

Another small update to the demo today, nothing too major! This was mostly to address some difficulties in properly teaching players the controls for kicking and using items. While watching players during conventions and live streams, we were noticing some confusion with those two mechanics in particular.

  • Changed layout of Biff room in 2nd iteration in order to better teach kicking mechanics.
  • Clarified some dialogue explaining how to kick and use consumables.
  • Slight change to 3rd iteration, making Hazcap more important for hitting the Efficient goal.
  • Added a one-way door before 1st cutscene to make it more apparent you can't backtrack.
  • Fixed a couple very specific crash issues.
  • Corrected a typo.

That's it! Let us know if you run into any problems. Thanks for playing!


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Sep 12, 2017

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